Inclusion Services

Accommodations for People with Disabilities

ADA Program                                             

It is the policy of the City of Redmond to make every reasonable effort to provide equal access to all City facilities, services, programs and activities for citizens with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Please go to the following link to view the City of Redmond’s ADA Program:

Program Modification and Inclusion Services

The City of Redmond strives to foster an environment that is open to diverse populations and abilities. The goal is to empower citizens to build a better place for everyone to live and thrive.

A Program Modification to an activity or class enables people with disabilities to fully participate in a program or event. Examples of accommodations include: interpretive services, accommodations for the visual or hearing impairment, written class schedules, project instructions explained in alternate formats, smaller instructor to participant ratios, and one-on-one support. Please provide 30 days’ notice for all recreation program accommodations, and other request so that the City of Redmond may successfully meet your needs.


Inclusion is cultivating an environment where everyone feels welcome to participate in the programs of their choice no matter what their abilities are. We encourage and support the participation of individuals that have disabilities in our programs.

People that have disabilities are encouraged to register for any class that they wish to participate in, as long as they meet the general class requirements. These requirements may include age or specific class pre-requisites.

PERSONAL SERVICES                              

The City of Redmond is unable to provide accommodations for personal services such as feeding, dressing, and toileting. Recreation program participants that need assistance with personal services are encouraged to participate in Redmond programs; however, they will need to provide their own attendant for personal services. Please notify Inclusion Services about personal attendants so we can arrange transportation and admission to activities for the attendant. Personal attendants are not charged class registration fees, transportation fees, or admission fees while accompanying a paying participant.


Step One

Register for the classes in which you are interested in on our website at, or by calling our Guest Services Office at 425-556-2300.

You must meet all general class requirements to register for a class. These requirements may include age or specific class pre-requisites.

Step Two

Please submit an electronic Inclusion Services request form immediately after registering for your desired programs. Please fill out the below form and submit it. The Adaptive and Nature Coordinator will contact you to begin the Inclusion Service Intake process.

At least 30 days’ notice for recreation program accommodations is requested so that the City of Redmond may successfully meet your needs.

Ali Maynard, Adaptive and Nature Coordinator, 425-556-2330

Inclusion Form

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