Search Help
The goal is to enhance search functionality as much as possible. As we work toward that goal, the following information may assist in obtaining better results right now.

Quick Sort
1. De-select one of the page types illustrated below
2. Re-click Search button

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Removing PDFs from view

Our website content is made up of hundreds of web pages and thousands of PDFs. The odds are high that any search may include more PDFs that you prefer wade through.

If you think you should be finding a web page and wish to remove the PDFs from view, simply deselect the "Workspaces" check box and click the search button again and they will disappear.

Portal = Webpages

The search results page is a system generated page from our content management system, and though the term "Portal" may not be very intuitive, we can't readily change that term to something better. But now you can streamline your results by filtering on the three different information types.