Scheduling an Inspection

Redmond Inspection Services – Request for Inspection
Inspection requests can now be made through our Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) or on-line through the E-Track Portal. The E-Track Portal provides the ability to schedule an inspection, view permit inspection history, and check the status of projects that are currently in the plan review process. You can also check current inspection results and see today's scheduled inspections.
To schedule and inspection by phone for line items on Building, Electrical, Mechanical, Planning, Plumbing, Sign and Side Sewer Permits, please call 425-556-2435, and follow the automated instructions. Requests must be made by midnight to be scheduled for inspection on the next business day. Components to be verified need to be ready for inspection at the time the request is made. All permits and City approved plans are required to be available on-site at the time of inspection. The general contractor or permit holder is responsible for ensuring that all areas to be verified are accessible and visible prior to concealment.

Note: Redmond homeowners may be entitled to schedule a Home Owner's Inspection for their project. Call 425-556-2403 between 8 am–5 pm, Monday through Friday, to determine eligibility for this service.
To schedule a Development Engineering & Construction inspection, go to the E-Track Portal or use the IVR system by calling 1-866-457-5289. Have your PIN # ready which is located on your issued permit.

To schedule a Fire Department inspection, fill out the Fire Inspection Services - Request for Inspection form or go to the E-Track Portal. Please allow at least 3-5 business days for all on-site inspections. For questions regarding Fire inspections you may call the Fire Inspector of the Day at 425-406-0865.
To schedule a Right-of-Way Use Permit inspection, go to the E-Track Portal or use the IVR system by calling 1-866-457-5289. Have your PIN # ready which is located on your issued permit.

For general inspection questions related to the following areas, please call:

  • Building Permits: 425-444-2425
  • Development Engineering Permits: 425-556-2876
  • Fire Permits: 425-406-0865
  • Right-of-Way Permits: 425-556-2723
  • Planning: 425-556-2494

Functions of the E-Track Portal

You can retrieve general permit information through the E-Track Portal, including address, status, description of work, and inspection history. You can also see currently scheduled inspections and inspection results as soon as the inspector posts the information into the City's data base.

Please remember that you need to be a registered user on the E-Track Portal to access this information. Go to the E-Track Portal site to register.

FAQ - Inspections

What if I don't have my permit or PIN number?
You can locate your permit number by registering and logging into E-Track Portal and searching under the permits section by your address. Remember your address number and street name go in separate fields. You can also call 425-556-2473 and speak with a permit technician.