Archived: Stormwater Technical Notebook - 2012

The Notebook describes the requirements for new development and redevelopment projects. Land developers and development engineers use the Notebook to help design site plans and determine stormwater infrastructure. Businesses use the manual to help design their stormwater pollution prevention plans. The manual is useful for anyone needing guidance on sediment and erosion control for construction sites.

Redmond is working on revisions to the Stormwater Technical Notebook as is required by the City's NPDES Stormwater Permit.  The new changes are expected to be enforced starting January 1, 2017.  Visit the updated
Low Impact Development (LID) web page for more information.

This is a key document that defines stormwater requirements for development projects. It contains stormwater management goals and construction details as well as permit review processes.

Stormwater Technical Notebook - 2012program

Technical Committee Interpretations and Policies

DATE TOPIC                                                 
September 16, 2015                    Clarification of Impervious Surface as Related to Minimum Requirements
September 30, 2015 Clarification to Flow Control Exemptions in the Stormwater Technical Notebook
 February 17, 2016 Low Impact Development Feasibility Agreement  (Department Operational Policy)


Cover Page / Foreward / Table of Contents / List of Figures, Tables, Appendices

 1                 Introduction
 2 Modifications to the 2005 Department of Ecology Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington
 3 Redmond Permit Types and Project Classifications
 4 Small Project Requirements
 5 Medium Project Requirements
 6 Large Project Requirements
 7     Design Goals
 8 Local Design Standards
 9 Construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention 
 10 Rainy Season Clearing / Grading
A Redmond Municipal Code, Chapter 15.24
B General Application Form
C Permit Review Fee Schedule
D Plan Review Checklist
E Flood Control Zone Application Form
F Bill of Sale and Instructions Form
G Developer Extension Asset Summary Form
H Typical Drainage Easement
I Standard Notes
J Standard Sign for Stormwater Ponds

EPS Files for Printing of Stormwater Pond Signs
Small Lined Private Pond
Small Unlined Private Pond
Small Lined Public Pond
Small Unlined Public Pond
Large Lined Public Pond
Large Unlined Public Pond
Large Lined Private Pond
Large Unlined Private Pond

K Map of Historical Land Cover
L Regional Facilities Plan Map (Updated October 24, 2012)
M Maintenance of Low Impact Development Facilities
N Operations and Maintenance Manual Template (pdf)
  Operations and Maintenance Manual Template (.doc)
O Overlake Facilities Map
P Downtown Facilities Map
Q Flow Exemption on Sammamish River-Letter from DOE
R North Overlake Flow Control Standard

The complete document is available here: 2012 Stormwater Technical Notebook (3.4 Mb)

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