01/17/2012 agenda


Redmond City Council Regular Meeting Agenda

Council Chambers - 7:30 p.m.

Agenda for Printing

I. Items from the Audience  
II. Consent Agenda  
  A. Consent Agenda  
  1. Approval of the Minutes: Regular Meeting of Tuesday, January 3, 2012  
  2. Approval of Payroll/Direct Deposit and Claims Checks  
    3. AM No. 12-005: Approval of American Traffic Solutions School Speed Zone Safety Camera Contract PD 
    4. AM No. 12-006: Acceptance of Construction with Road Construction Northwest, Inc. in an amount of $1,350,149.59 for the Valley Estates Bank Stabilization and Culvert Replacement, Project No. 20020346 PW

AM No. 12-007: Approval of Consultant Agreement with the Watershed Company in an amount of $145,075 for Stream Improvements, Project No. 20021126 and 20021116

     6. AM No. 12-008: Acceptance of Washington State Department of Ecology Loan Funding in the amount of $4,412,000, for Redmond Way Water Quality Facility, Project No. 20020712 PL
a. Resolution No. 1371: A Resolution Accepting Washington State Department of Ecology Loan funding towards the Redmond Way Water Quality Facility, Project No. 20020712, and Authorizing the Mayor to Sign a Loan Agreement   
     7. AM No. 12-013:  Reappointments to the  Design Review Board EX
  B Items Removed from Consent Agenda
III. Hearings and Reports  
  A. Public Hearings  
AM No. 12-009: Performance Audit – Allocating Overhead Costs FN
    2. AM No. 12-010: Section 8 Housing and Ordinance: RMC Chapter 6.38 PL
      a. Ordinance No. 2645: An Ordinance Adopting RMC Chapter 6.38, Prohibiting the Refusal to Rent a Dwelling Unit Solely on the Basis that a Tenant Proposes to Rent Pursuant to A Section 8 Housing Voucher or Certificate, and Providing for Severability and Establishing an Effective Date  
  B. Reports  
    1. Staff Reports  
      a. AM No. 12-011: Performance Leadership Team and the Performance Dashboard FN 
      b. AM No. 12-012: Enhanced Temporary Sign Code Enforcement Procedures PL
    2. Ombudsman Report, Vache
    3. Committee Reports  
IV. Unfinished Business  
V. New Business  
VI. Ordinances and Resolutions  
VII. Adjournment  

January 17, 2012

Redmond City Hall
Council Chambers
15670 NE 85th Street

Pat Vache


John Marchione

Council Members
Pat Vache, President
Hank Margeson, Vice-President
Kimberly Allen
David Carson
Tom Flynn 
Hank Myers
John Stilin

EX Executive
FN Finance
FD Fire Department
HR Human Resources
PK Parks and Recreation
PL Planning
PD Police Department
PW Public Works