172 Avenue NE
With construction starting up again on 172 Avenue NE between NE 122 and NE 124 Street, area residents have inquired about plans to open 172 Avenue NE to through traffic, and about future traffic calming measures for the corridor.

postcard mailed to residents in the project area in early September explains the necessary steps to put traffic control and traffic calming devices in place before 172 Avenue NE opens to through traffic.

In the interim, as part of the adjacent development on 172 Avenue NE, a barricade will be installed at NE 124 Street with a sign posted that the road will open at a future, but as yet undetermined, date.  The location of the temporary barricade, future traffic control, and future traffic calming devices can be seen on the map that was included with the postcard mailer.

In 2006, the City conducted a corridor study of 172 Avenue NE from NE 111 to NE 128 Street in cooperation with King County.  The results of this study helped to develop a preliminary design for 172 Avenue NE, including traffic calming measures to discourage cut-through traffic, maintain residential speeds and neighborhood character, and enhancements for pedestrians and bikes.

Between NE 124 and NE 128 Street the design calls for:
  • sidewalks on both sides of the street with a landscaped buffer and curb bulbs at most intersections
  • 10 foot 6 inch wide travel lanes and 7 foot wide parking lanes on each side of the street that transition north of NE 126 Street to no parking, 12 foot travel lanes and an 11 foot turn lane

North of NE 124 Street includes:

  • a traffic circle at NE 124 Street
  • a speed cushion between NE 125 and NE 126 Street
  • a traffic circle at NE 126 Street

The Redmond City Council selected a preferred design alternative and implementation option for opening 172 Avenue NE to motor vehicle traffic.  Before a complete street extension is opened on 172 Avenue NE, the following will occur:

  • The intersection of 162 Place NE and NE 124 Street must meet warrants for a traffic signal, which will happen when there are enough residential units built and occupied in North Redmond to generate sufficient traffic volumes.
  • A traffic signal and left turn lanes at 162 Place NE and NE 124 Street will be constructed.  (Note: This project is listed as Project S40 on the City's 6-Year Transportation Improvement Program, but currently there is no dedicated funding for the project.  In addition to the intersection of 162 Place NE and NE 124 Street meeting the necessary warrants for a traffic signal, funding must be secured before the project goes into construction.)   
  • Traffic calming will be completed along the corridor between NE 111 and NE 128 Street, including a roundabout at NE 116 Street and 172 Avenue NE.  Proposed traffic calming treatments will be coordinated with area residents and King County.

Once all of the conditions above are met, the 172 Avenue NE extension will open to vehicular traffic.