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Walking Ambassador Training by Feet First  Export Event
Date and Time 
May 20 2013 7:30 PM -- 9:30 PM
Location  Council Conference Room, City Hall

As you may know, the City of Redmond is a designated Feet First Agenda City and we partner with Feet First on various events and campaigns in order to encourage walking in Redmond – for exercise and as an alternative commute mode. As Redmond grows, we are working to create a more walkable community to encourage 18-hours a day of pedestrian activity in our Downtown parks, sidewalks, restaurants, and businesses.  The City is investing millions of dollars into infrastructure projects Downtown to achieve the physical goals of walkability and the City is working with Feet First to promote walking throughout the City, but with a focus on Downtown. 

This year, Redmond and Feet First are partnering on promoting the training of walking ambassadors in Redmond to lead various types of walks.  Feet First started a new program this year called the Walking Ambassadors, where volunteers are provided training on how to lead a walk, then they lead walks on behalf of the organization for the public.  Feet First helps promote the walks on their website, with their email distribution list, and a meetup group they formed.  Walks can have a theme, special guest speaker, for moms with strollers, for speed walkers, or just to show people your favorite secret routes in your neighborhood.  Feet First will hold a training in Redmond on May 20 – register here: