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Recipe for Love  Export Event
Date and Time 
May 3 2014 5:00 PM -- 7:30 PM
Location  City Hall Great Lawn

Please join us for 

               Recipe for Love 2014 

Recipe for Love is a participatory performance celebration.

There will be Spectating! Dancing!

Frolicking in the streets! Sharing of cake!

In order to have the best possible festivities, we offer these suggestions:

Bring Your Bestest Cake To Share: 
Please bring a cake to enjoy with your friends and neighbors: store-bought or homemade, it matters not. All Cakes are welcome. When you arrive, you’ll be guided to the “Cake Library,” where you’ll “check” your cake (to be safely watched over by our Cake Librarians until it’s time to share.) Bring all the necessary serving accouterments, too: Napkins. Plates. Forks.

Wear your Pinkest apparel or dare to go Dapper:

It’s spring! Dress up! Celebrate the season with some zing!

Join your friends and neighbors for the Grand Promenade: 

Travel light. Be prepared to move. We’ll form five grand parades. There will even be a bunny-sweetheart route for those with very little ones, and those for whom mobility is an issue. 

Dance the Maypole: 

Pick up your heels and dance about the Maypole with the Rabbits of Spring! 

Yes, there will be dancing! On grass! Please wear footgear that make you feel comfortable and happy!

Recipe for Love

May 3 • Four o'clock

Great Lawn • City Hall • Redmond

15670 NE 85th Street

 Redmond, Washington

We look forward to celebrating Springtime with you!

Recipe for Love is created by Lucia Neare’s Theatrical Wonders.

The work is commissioned by the City of Redmond,

with support from 4Culture.

For more information about Lucia Neare's Theatrical Wonders, 

please visit