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The City of Redmond currently contracts with Waste Management, Inc. to collect garbage, recycling and yard and food waste (organics) from residents and businesses within the City. The city is in the process of hiring for the next hauling contract. The goal of the process is to develop a new, leading edge, comprehensive garbage, recycling and organics collection contract. The contract seeks to:
  • Maintain the same level of service or better or lower rates for all customer classes
  • Reduce the City’s carbon footprint from waste generation, collection and disposal through sustainable business practices including waste prevention and waste reduction goals
  • Reflect a procurement process that is fair and transparent

The city is seeking citizen input into the next garbage and recycling the contract.  What’s important to you?  Please send us your thoughts regarding collection service, frequency of collection, items collected for recycling, or any other concerns and ideas for the contract in the form below.

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