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Farrel-McWhirter Riding Club - FULL for 2018

The Farrel-McWhirter Riding Club is FULL for 2018. Please check back in the Fall of 2018 for availability. Thank you!

Love horses? Need community service hours for NHS or college apps? Join the Farrel-McWhirter Riding Club and get hands on experience with horses and ponies while helping young riders learn about the Equestrian world. The Riding Club holds monthly meetings, offers riding lessons and horsemanship trainings for members, and provides opportunities for advanced equestrian education. Applications are accepted year-around and can be downloaded below. New Member Orientations are held three times per year in February, May, and October (depending on availability). You must attend a New Member Orientation prior to volunteering! Riding Club Membership is $75 per calendar year (not prorated).

Applications can be submitted to the Farrel-McWhirter Riding Club P.O. Box 97010 Redmond, WA 98073, in-person at FMPK, by email, or the online link below. Please reference the Handbook or call 425-556-2307 for more information.

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Riding Club
Riding Club
Riding Club
Riding Club

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Farrel McWhirter Equestrian
Program Site:
Farrel-McWhirter Farm Park
(Farm and Nature Park)
19545 NE Redmond Road

Phone: 425-556-2309