Riding Programs for Adults

Adult Equestrian Program for ages 18 and up. The Adult Equestrian Program at the Farrel-McWhirter Riding School provides a full range of equestrian experiences for adult riders. If you have no previous experience, or if you have extensive riding experience, we offer something for you. One time workshops, trail rides, weekly on-going classes, or classes scheduled on a lunch break are offered to help the adult rider achieve their equestrian goals.

Adult Beginning Horsemanship Workshop (Ages 18+)

This single session class provides a great opportunity to experience the basics of horsemanship without a multi-session commitment. Gain confidence while learning the basics of safety, g rooming, handling, and riding. Rider weight and height is restricted to 180 pounds and 6'0 tall.

Adult Basic Horsemanship 101 (Ages 18+)

Was your childhood dream to be a cowboy or cowgirl? Have you always wanted to learn how to ride, and never seemed to have the time or know where start? Learn the fundamentals of horsemanship in a fun and supportive environment with highly skilled professional instructors. Gain confidence while learning the basics of safety, grooming, handling, and riding. This multi-session class allows each rider to practice acquired skills and build physical strength and coordination. Whether you are discovering a new hobby, facing fears, or living your dream, Adult Horsemanship 101 is your ride to the wonderful world of horses! Rider weight and height is restricted up to 180 pounds and 6'0 tall.

Adult Horsemanship Intermediate (Ages 18+)

This program is for adult riders who have mastered the skills of Adult Horsemanship 101 and are ready to meet and conquer new equestrian challenges, with instructor approval. The curriculum is more fast-paced to achieve the mental understanding and physical requirements to begin and perfect Canter work. Rider weight and height is restricted up to 180 pounds and 6'0 tall.

Riding Programs for Parent/Child

My Little Pony (2.5-5yrs)

This class is the perfect opportunity to foster interest and build confidence for your 2.5 to 5 year old child. Each program will teach the basics of safety, grooming, saddling, and riding. Our smallest ponies are used in this program. Parent participation is encouraged.

Parent/Child Pony Workshops (4-7yrs)

Has your child been asking for a pony? Do you want to find out if he or she will actually like riding? Your child will learn the basics of safety, grooming, and riding techniques in a convenient one-time hour long workshop. This is a great opportunity to determine if your child has an interest in riding and is ideal for students who are more confident with parental support. One child per parent please. Parental attendance is optional.

Adult Grooming Horse

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