Washington Fencing Academy

The Washington Fencing Academy, a member club of the United States Fencing Association, provides instruction, coaching, and events to people of all ages in Western Washington.  

Whether you are an experienced fencer, a beginner, or the parent of an enthusiastic young swordsman, we offer a safe, exciting, and fun way to experience the sport according to well-established standards, rules, and regulations.

Our coaches are all experienced competitors, several of whom who have earned international and national medals and rankings.  

Our classes and "open" fencing take place in community centers, schools, and fitness clubs in a variety of locations throughout the greater Seattle/Tacoma area, especially focusing on the Eastside.

Check out our current class locations. We also host tournaments and clinics, announced at various times throughout the year. Our fencers compete frequently in all three fencing "weapons": foil, saber, and epee.