How to Plan a Walking Event at Your School
If you've never before planned a walk event, or are looking for some new ideas to improve on previous events, there are lots of resources out there to help you. 

The International Walk to School website has an excellent Guide to Getting Started.  This site also has some very good advice for first-timers, so don't let your "amateur" status get in the way.

Some of the best events are simple and planned in a very short amount of time.  If you think you have little time to pull off a walk event, check out how you can plan an event in only 7 days.

Every year, the City's Traffic Operations Safety and Engineering Division promotes International Walk to School Day through the Traffic Safety Program.  Schools that want to participate in International Walk to School Day can get help organizing the event, or add to their event with educational material and pedestrian safety give-away items provided by the City.

Is it too late for an October event?  Plan an event at your school in the spring.  The City's Traffic Safety Program is available any time of the year to help you plan a successful walking or biking event at your school.

Contact Susan Byszeski, Traffic Safety Specialist at or at 425.556.2882.

Here are some other documents that will help you plan a walk (or bike) event:

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