Two-Way Street Conversion

Location: Redmond Way and Cleveland St from 160th Ave NE to Avondale Way
Project Phase: Construction
Estimated Timeline: Design 2013-2015, Construction June 2016 through end of 2017
Contact: Jill Smith, Downtown Outreach, 425-556-2448; Lisa Singer, Project Manager, 425-556-2723
Page Last Updated: 09/08/17
Conversion Update: Conversion Flyer and Press Release

As of Friday, September 8, Cleveland Street is now carrying one lane of traffic in each direction, but Redmond Way will not accommodate eastbound traffic until October 10. In the interim, we recognize that there is less capacity for eastbound traffic, which will contribute to congestion during the afternoon/evening commute. To prioritize eastbound travel, traffic signal timings will be adjusted and there will still be two eastbound lanes on Redmond Way at Avondale Way. Drivers are encouraged to consider options such as:

  • Ride the bus on us! Redmond residents and employees are eligible for a free $25 ORCA card to ride the bus and avoid the need to drive - sign up here;
  • Bypass Downtown: Bear Creek Parkway and SR 520 offer options for drivers who are not visiting Downtown businesses or residences;
  • Bike or Walk: The Redmond Central Connector urban trail provides a beautiful and safe option for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Project Background--------------------

As part of Redmond’s vision for a more walkable urban downtown, Redmond Way and Cleveland Street will be converted to two-way operations. The Two-Way Street Conversion project will make downtown easier to navigate and more connected whether you are driving, walking, biking or taking transit, making Downtown a more attractive destination and community gathering place.

The ultimate design for Redmond Way and Cleveland Street will feature two-way travel lanes from 160th Ave NE to Avondale Way with street parking on both sides. Redmond Way will be designed to carry the majority of vehicular traffic as the main arterial for the downtown area and will have a center turn lane, while Cleveland St will be designated as Redmond’s “signature” main street. 

The project began in June of 2016 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2017. This project includes work at eleven intersections in downtown including: replacing old utilities; undergrounding of overhead power and communications; new traffic signals, lighting and sidewalks; paving and landscaping; and new plazas at Anderson Park. Work between intersections includes reconfiguring lanes and updating street signs. The remainder of the improvements between intersections will be constructed as redevelopment occurs.

Over the past several years, the City sequentially constructed new downtown roadway connections as part of the staged implementation of the Downtown East/West Corridor Study (DEWCS). These include Bear Creek Parkway, 161st Ave NE, 164th Ave NE and the Cleveland Streetscape. The Two-Way Street Conversion project is the final phase, reinforcing downtown Redmond as an economically healthy, people-friendly place, enhanced by the movement of pedestrians, bikes, cars, and a diversity of businesses.

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Graphic above represents a concept of a two-way Cleveland St, east of 164th.