We have a variety of adult dance classes for different levels and abilities, including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Clogging and Belly Dancing. Appropriate dance shoes are required. Go to for more information.

Ballet Instructor Terrel Lefferts
Terrel Lefferts is classically trained in ballet; she studied and performed with several Midwest companies and has over 15 years of teaching experience. Her classes focus on movement concepts as well as dance technique to offer a holistic and positive approach. For more information about classes with Terrel, visit This site has information about level requirements and placement, instructor philosophy, curriculum, and more. Also included is the schedule in table form.

Ballroom & Zumba Instructor Teresa Osborn
Teresa specializes in a broad range of dance including Hip Hop, Disco, Rock ‘n Roll, Swing, Salsa, Latin (Rhythm), Ballroom (Smooth) and C&W Line & Couples Dancing. Teresa has been teaching dance to children and adults for 28 years. Trained under Peggy Spencer (M.B.E) she is a Fellow of the “Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing” (I.S.T.D) in the UK, and currently holds the position of Dance Representative for the NWD of AAHPERD. She has taught Professional Development in dance since 2006. Prior to coming to America, Teresa spent eight years in Hong Kong, where she ran her own dance studio, taught dance in schools, and coached Cotillion (Latin & Ballroom and dance etiquette. Visit for more information.

Tap Instructor Pauline Hubbard
Pauline Hubbard has been a dancer for over 15 years. She minored in dance at the University of Washington where she also taught ballet and jazz. She is a licensed massage therapist and lives and works in Redmond. For Pauline’s tap classes, tap shoes are required. No high heel or Mary Jane styles – oxfords work best. Students 10-18 may inquire regarding permission to join. Questions – contact Pauline at

Tap Instructor Tim Hickey
Tim Hickey began tap dancing 30 years ago. He has performed on tour in My Fair Lady and 42nd Street. He has tap danced with legendary artists, Arthur Duncan, Dianne Walker, Sam Weber, Bob Hammer, Buddy Catlett, Ray Price, and many more. Tim has taught tap and swing at dozens of studios all over the United States. Having fun and getting some exercise with tap dance is most important. Tap Happy! Tap shoes required. 

Clogging, Instructor Sharon Heppes
Clogging is a fun form of aerobic exercise, with many health benefits; including improved coordination and flexibility, lower blood pressure and stress relief, increased endurance, strength and lung capacity, and weight loss. Clogging is a percussive dance that keeps time with the downbeat of the music, whereas most other forms of dance keep time with the upbeat. Clogging often imitates the rhythm of the music, although it more often accents and complements the rhythms. Wear comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes with flexible soles -- athletic shoes are acceptable, leather sole shoes are recommended, tap shoes are optional.

Belly Dance with Mellilah
This class provides a foundation in Egyptian style belly dance in a structured and easy-to-follow class. Have fun while learning shimmies, combinations, graceful arms, traveling steps, isolations and more. Through belly dance, women of all ages and body styles gain a positive sense of self, while strengthening the core, improving alignment and finding the dancer within. This class is geared towards the beginning dancer; experienced dancers will be given an extra challenge. Bring an exercise mat for stretching and wear comfortable clothing. For more information, visit

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