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In order to set up one of the following scout programs, please fax this form to Nature Vision at 425-868-9849 or mail to/contact us at Nature Vision, 10400 192nd Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98053, or contact us at 425-836-2697 (phone), 425-868-5585 (fax), or email Once dates/times are confirmed, you will have three business days in which to submit payment and sign the contract.

Scout Links

Scouts use local parks to get requirements checked off for Nature Badges!

Animal Science, Farrel-McWhirter Park

Bird Study, Redmond Watershed Preserve

Environmental Science, Redmond Watershed Preserve

Fish and Wildlife Management, Idylwood Park

Forestry, Redmond Watershed Preserve 

Mammal Study, Redmond Watershed Preserve

Nature, Redmond Watershed Preserve

Soil and Water Conservation, Farrel-McWhirter Park

Cost: $125 plus $100 refundable deposit
Group Size: Up to 30 children with a minimum of 2 adults
Age: 1st through 5th graders
Program Length: 1 hour

Another interesting resource for Girl Scout badges.

How to Register

Scout groups may register for any
of these Scout Link programs by
or by calling 425-836-2697.

Choose your own date and time.

Youth groups, homeschoolers, and birthday parties are also welcome
to participate in this program.