Overlake Group Health Master Agreement Approved
Posted on 2011/12/20
December 20, 2011 Marta Gronlund

Redmond, WA –  On December 13, 2011 the Redmond City Council approved a master plan and development agreement for a 28-acre parcel in Overlake, previously home to Group Health Overlake Hospital.

Located at 2464 152nd Avenue NE, the vacant site is owned by Group Health Cooperative (GHC). The master plan provides for a mix of residential, retail and commercial buildings as well as a 2.67 acre park in the central portion of the property. With the completion and approval of this agreement, GHC now plans to market and sell the parcels for development.

The intent is to phase the development over 20 years, ultimately resulting in about 1400 residences, 1.2 million square feet of office and retail uses, and a hotel and conference center. King County Metro provides transit service, including RapidRide B Line, to the site today and Sound Transit’s East Link light rail service, including a station at Overlake Village, is scheduled to start in 2023.

The development agreement includes provisions for allowable square footage, applicable regulations, transportation concurrency, transportation and utility improvements, parks and open spaces and tree removal and mitigation. An estimated 1050 trees will be removed, while GHC will plant close to 3350 in replacement. This reforestation will equal ten acres of permanently preserved land within Redmond.

Council approval of the master plan is a major step forward in achieving Redmond’s vision for Overlake Village. This vision includes a neighborhood where residents can comfortably walk or bike from home to jobs, local shops and services or to parks for an outdoor performance or relaxation. Microsoft, Nintendo of America, Honeywell and other major employers are located just north of Overlake Village.

“The City has a long-term commitment to realizing Overlake as one of Redmond’s two urban centers,” stated Rob Odle, Planning Director. “This master development plan is a model of an urban mixed-use development that will achieve our vision for Overlake as a vibrant urban center that is a highly desirable place to live, work, shop and visit.”

For more information on the GHC master development plan, contact Dennis Lisk at 425-556-2471 or dwlisk@redmond.gov. For more information about Overlake, visit www.redmond.gov/OverlakeVision

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