Overlake Village Stormwater/Park Implementation Plan

Project Background

In 2005, the City initiated work on the Overlake Neighborhood Plan (ONP) Update and Implementation Project. Citizens, property owners and interested parties participated throughout the planning process - sharing recommendations and ideas, including concepts for park, open space, and stormwater facilities.

Following the 2007 adoption of the ONP update, planning for the stormwater and parks facilities commenced. Following an 18-month consultant effort and public process that included briefings to the Parks & Trails Commission, Planning Commission, and three Community meetings, the City Council adopted the Implementation Plan on July 20, 2010.

Purpose of the Project

The purpose of Overlake Village Stormwater and Park Facilities Implementation Plan is to provide planning, analysis, and conceptual design for an integrated system of community features that minimize, control and treat rainwater runoff (stormwater) and provide neighborhood park, recreation, and green space for the neighborhood as it will look in the future.

Stormwater flowing from this area drains into a Sears Creek, a small tributary of a major salmon bearing stream system known as the Kelsey Creek Watershed. The watershed, primarily located in the City of Bellevue, discharges to the Mercer Slough and Lake Washington. Proposed stormwater facilities retrofit the entire 323 acre basin that drains to the City’s outfall to Sears Creek to current regulatory standards.

Park facilities are envisioned to create public spaces for recreation, gathering, play, and reflection that will enhance the quality of life for residents, workers, and visitors. New facilities will be interconnected and strategically located to provide the maximum benefit to the environment while supporting a vibrant urban center.

Implementation Plan

The completed Implementation Plan was adopted by the City Council on July 20, 2010. The City’s preferred alternative includes a large stormwater detention vault to be located in the south end of Overlake Village, and a large infiltration vault to be located in the north end of the Overlake Village. The final configuration of these facilities is subject to further design.

Project Data 


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