Music classes for little ones offered by:


Through moving and music, Kindermusik activities help promote language development, symbolic thinking, coordination and social interaction while they awaken you child’s imagination. Whether listening, moving, creating or reading music, singing or playing an instrument the focus is on process and not performance. Kindermusik Village- for lap babies, crawlers and walkers 1- 17 months & parent. Kindermusik Our Time- for children 18 months- 3 yrs & parent.

Move Over Mozart

Teaches piano performance skills and music theory at a level easily grasped by children from 3- 12 years! Learn to play familiar tunes, along with reading music and learning music theory through group lessons (6 maximum).

Sunshine Music Together

Nurture your child's natural enthusiasm for music during these critical early childhood years. Music Together® is a research based, internationally recognized, early childhood music development program. Experience the joy that comes to a family that makes music together! Fun... joyful... energetic! Music Together is all of that and more. Newborn to 5 yrs. Register each child separately.