Old Fire House Teen Center

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Wednesdays through Saturdays at the Old Fire House- come join!

The Old Fire House provides engaging activities with a focus on teens grades 9th through graduation. Teens are provided leadership opportunities and a space to connect with their community. 

Want to learn more? Contact us for more info or to schedule a tour. Or just stop by whenever we're open! 


Open Hours- come on down!


What To Expect:

The Old Fire House is an inclusive, positive, community space for Redmond teens. OFH staff are welcoming and ready to help get you plugged in.

A typical day includes a variety of activities from sports, arts, music, cooking, cultural events and more- some created and led by fellow teens!


This Week's Highlights:

 Game 7 World Series

Wednesday October 29th 5pm: Game 7 of World Series!

Join us as we watch Game 7 on the big screen and eat Halloween candy!     



 Acts of Kindness with Surina

Thursday October 30th 5pm: Random Acts of Kindness with Surina

Come make little gift bags to give to friends (or potential friends) at RHS, complete with candy, notes, and decorations!

Art Jam

Saturday November  1st 5pm: Art Jam!

If you're not getting ready for homecoming- join us for some art!

Email Rana Shmait for more details at: RSHMAIT@redmond.gov

Old Fire House


 After Hours

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