Design Requirements Update

Deadline 3/1/2019


The City of Redmond is proposing changes to the documents that govern water, wastewater, and stormwater design for public and private development projects in Redmond.  Draft documents can be found below.

In-person comments can be made at City Hall on February 28th and March 1st from 11am-2pm.
Email one of the contacts below for an appointment or for comments.

Stormwater - Email Steve Hitch 
Water/Wastewater - Email Lynn Arakaki

Stormwater Technical Notebook -2019 update COMING SOON

2017 Stormwater Technical Notebook (Current Version)
2019 Stormwater Technical Notebook(Proposed Redline Version)
2019 Stormwater Technical Notebook(Proposed Clean Version)

Overview of Proposed Changes to the Stormwater Technical Notebook

  • Wellhead Protection Zones have been revised in the Redmond Zoning Code. The Critical Aquifer Recharge Area is revised by new groundwater modeling. Stormwater requirements have been adjusted to align with this change.
  • Interim facilities are no longer required in Overlake due to recent construction of regional facilities by the City.
  • New information was added for:
    • Rainwater harvesting
    • Rustic streets
    • Artificial turf
    • Maintenance access
    • Decorative water features
    • Modifying City stormwater facilities
    • Calculating capital facilities charges
    • Protection of stormwater facilities from temporary construction dewatering

Water / Wastewater Design Requirements


2012 Water/Wastewater Design Requirements (Current Version)
2019 Water/Wastewater Design Requirements (Proposed Redline Version)
2019 Water/Wastewater Design Requirements (Proposed Clean Version)

The City of Redmond Design Requirements Water and Wastewater System Extensions describes the requirements for new development and redevelopment projects. Land developers and development engineers use the Design Requirements to help design site plans and determine water and wastewater infrastructure.  


Overview of Proposed Changes to the Water and Wastewater Design Requirements

  • Review updated checklists
  • Pothole information is required to support design
  • New information was added for:
    • Water, wastewater and other utility locations in streets, including crossings and separation
    • Maintenance access and easements
    • Water and wastewater abandonment
    • Working with asbestos cement pipe
    • Water meter locations
    • Hydrants
    • Exempt water meters
    • Water meter connections
    • Water/wastewater service areas
    • Septic systems