Movement Classes for Parent and Child

Baby Boogie Woogie (1-3 yrs with parent)
Children learn spatial awareness, motor skills, and rhythm through music and group activities; and enjoy creative movement through games and songs. Sing and dance to your all time favorites! Dress comfortably, wear sneakers. Register each child separately, one parent per two children please. 

Instructor Karen Renfroe-Gielgens 

Two's Toes: DancePlay (2-3 yr olds with parent)

Focus is on movement and fun; incorporating elements of dance such as rhythm, balance, use of space and coordination. Includes songs, books, and educational topics like colors and learning about prepositions (over, under, through) and caregiver-child bonding.

Kids DancePlay (3-4 yr olds)
This class takes a flexible approach to allow you and your child to explore his/her growing independence at an individualized pace. Parents are welcome to dance along with their child, stay for the beginning, or drop-off depending on comfort levels. Gradual transitions are encouraged. Class focuses on the fundamentals of dance; incorporating specific movements and concepts such as rhythm, balance, use of space, and coordination.

Instructor Terrel Lefferts -

Dance Studio

Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center
16600 NE 80th St.
Redmond WA