Watershed Hydrology
Hydrology studies the distribution, movement, and properties of water (i.e., surface and groundwater quantity and quality) on planet Earth, including the hydrologic cycle and water resources management.

Hydraulics studies the applied science and engineering aspects of fluid mechanics – how fluids move in open channels (such as rivers and lakes) and closed pipe systems.

Mathematical models of how both hydrological and hydraulic systems work are critical for the engineering design of effective stormwater infrastructure, as well as for long-term enhancement or restoration of degraded stream and river systems.

The following documents provide analysis information on some of Redmond's watersheds: 

Draft - Stormwater Master Plan Modeling - Model Documentation and Application in Willows Creek and 95th Street Pilot Watersheds (July 14, 2006)

Redmond Landscape Level Modeling Summary Report (September 29, 2006)