Additional Resources on Watersheds
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City of Redmond

Watershed Processes: An Overview

Describes many of the natural processes that operate in undisturbed watersheds and shows how they change as a result of urbanization.  The "processes flow diagrams" read best from left to right and can be enlarged for easier reading with the zoom tool.
(10 pages)

Cumulative Effects of Historical Impacts on Watershed Functions

This table summarizes the cumulative impacts of several regionally important historical events (1800 to 1975) on several key watershed functions.  Typical field indicators of each of these watershed functions are also listed across the top of the table.

King County

King County Watersheds
Sammamish River Watershed
Environmental and Data Trends: Comparative and Aerial Photographs
King County Fisheries
King County Streams Water Quality
King County Stream Bugs Site

State of Washington

Washington State Department of Ecology - Washington State Watersheds
Washington Department of Ecology -Department of Water Resources


United States Environmental Protection Agency Watersheds