Water Quality Monitoring
The City of Redmond conducts a variety of activities that enables us to better understand the health our streams, the actions we need to take to protect them and the effectiveness of these efforts over time.

Water Quality Monitoring

Part of this water quality monitoring effort involves measuring a number of individual stream parameters that City of Redmond staff uses to better understand the conditions in the stream at precise period of time. These parameters include: water temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, fecal coliform bacteria, etc.

Redmond Stream Bug Monitoring

Additionally, to the City also conducts monitoring that provides a more complete picture of stream healthy by helping City of Redmond staff to understand how the plants and animals living in our streams experience these conditions throughout their long and complex life cycles.

This type of monitoring examines bottom-dwelling (benthic) stream invertebrates, or "bugs.” The total numbers (density), species diversity, and health of stream bugs provide a repeatable measurement of "overall stream condition" by integrating the effects of constantly changing stream water quality parameters on aquatic organisms. This method of “bio-assessment” is commonly used through the Pacific Northwest.

Water Quality Monitoring Data

The City has a variety of water quality information dating back to 1995. Samples have been collected at a various frequencies for many different water quality parameters at numerous locations throughout the City.

This information is available upon request by contacting the Environmental & Utility Services Division at 425-556-2701 or info@redmond.gov.

To view the results from the State-prescribed statistical procedures to Redmond's 1995-2002 data sets, click on the following link: Redmond Surface Water Quality Analysis, 1995-2002. It was this data that resulted in the development of the Redmond Urban Watersheds Initiative Study (RUWI).

The following websites provide watershed-related information that spans the county or multiple watersheds within it.