Explorer Opportunities

Membership in Redmond Explorer's #007
offers you...

Fire Service Training

In the post, skills taught are not only pertinent to the fire service, but also to life. Explorers learn basic EMS skills, search-and-rescue techniques, ladder operations, and hose evolutions.   Fire Explorers interact with Fire Department response crews during shift “ride-alongs” at Redmond Fire stations.


An integral part of the fire service and the Explorer program is teamwork. Teamwork brings unity, friendship and excellence in completing tasks. Explorers must be able to work well with other explorers, firefighters, and paramedics.

Public Education

Explorers participate in a wide range of public education activities including station tours, fire prevention events and open houses. The ability to interact with the public is an important skill that the Explorer learns and utilizes.

Personal Fitness

Physical fitness is key to an Explorer's ability to perform and train to their potential. Personal fitness is emphasized during Explorer training. Each member is expected to maintain a minimum level of fitness during his tenure with the Explorer Post #007. Members are required to participate in physical fitness activities with Fire crews during station visits or ride-alongs.