Coordinated Civil Process

Civil Review Process Requirements

Approval process for civil drawings (also known as construction plans) satisfying conditions of approval identified in SPE Notice of Decision. It is designed to: 

  • Minimize the number of review cycles needed to reach civil drawing approval (goal is 2 reviews)
  • Provide an opportunity to reach agreement with the City on key layout features ahead of formal intake
  • Provide a predictable review schedule
  • Reduce conflicts/redundancy of review comments from various City divisions
  • Ensure applicant has a clear understanding of the City’s expectations for civil drawings in general and the specific approval conditions

Assign Project Lead

Engineer from Public Works Development Services is assigned as the project lead for coordinating construction plan review. To have a project lead assigned, contact the Public Works Development Services Manager at 425- 556-2861.

Kick-off Meeting

Project lead contacts the applicant to arrange a Kick-off meeting for civil drawing review. This one hour meeting includes the Design Team and DSC staff responsible for reviewing the plans (Waterworks, Stormwater, Fire, Transportation, Construction Inspection and Planning). The meeting provides clarification regarding the process, discusses the project’s SPE conditions of approval and explains the Civil Drawing Intake checklist. Any anticipated requests for deviations from regulations and/or the intake
checklist not previously addressed should be identified at this meeting. Unresolved design issues or compliance with regulations jeopardizes the success of the Intake Meeting. The applicant is encouraged to contact the project lead with questions when preparing the submittal.

Intake Meeting

When the plans satisfy the Civil Drawing Intake Checklist, the applicant contacts the project lead to arrange for a one hour construction plan Intake Meeting (similar to SPE intake). If the submittal omits any checklist items or project specific conditions identified in the SPE Notice of Decision letter, DSC staff will document and explain the deficiencies to the applicant and return the entire submittal. When deficiencies are resolved, contact the project lead to schedule another intake meeting.

City Staff Review

DSC staff evaluate the plans for compliance with development standards and SPE Notice of Decision letter
conditions. DSC staff redline any compliance issues on their set of plans and document comments. The
marked-up plans and comments are delivered to the applicant by Day 25.

Debrief Meeting

At Day 28, the Debriefing Meeting is held between the Design Team and DSC staff. DSC staff provide
a brief overview of their comments, noting the most significant items and responding to the applicant’s
questions or ideas. Applicant is required to bring the marked up set of plans and comments received on
Day 25 to the debrief meeting.

Applicant Revisions

The applicant revises the plans as required and provides responses to consolidated comments. The
applicant can contact any of the DSC staff with questions and the project lead is contacted to schedule a
second Intake Meeting once the applicant has addressed all comments.

Re-submittal Intake Meeting

The applicant is required to bring six copies of the comments containing stated responses. If any comments are not addressed, the plans are returned for correction and a new Intake Meeting is required. If more than two cycles are required for this process, the City may ask the applicant to participate in a diagnosis meeting to determine why extra cycles were necessary. This helps improve the process or the checklist.

Civil Drawing Approval

When all reviews are complete, the applicant will receive final instructions for preparing mylars, submitting performance bonds, paying inspection fees, and scheduling a PreCon. The applicant coordinates with the project lead before final mylar submittal.