Vesting Information
This document is subject to revision from time to time. The issue dates are shown on the front cover. The issue of this manual that applies to a particular project is the issue that is (or was) in effect when the proposed project was "vested." If a newer issue of the Stormwater Notebook is published after a project is vested, the project will have the right to use the newer version of the stormwater notebook in its entirety, or the older version in its entirety.
  • A project subject to a Building Permit is vested when a Building Permit Application is submitted that is deemed complete by the City.
  • A Preliminary Plat or a Short Plat is vested when the application for the Preliminary Plat or Short Plat is submitted and is deemed complete by the City.
  • A project involving only clearing or grading is vested when an application for the clearing and/or grading work is submitted and determined to be complete by the City.
  • Vesting for Public Works Capital Improvement Projects shall be determined by the Technical Review Committee.
Note that this vesting requirement applies only to the requirements of this Stormwater Notebook. Vesting rights for other land use actions such as building permits, land subdivision, and shoreline permits are specified in the Redmond Zoning Code.  For further information, contact the Development Services Center or the Stormwater Engineer.