At the start of the Greater Southeast Redmond Transportation Study, one of the anticipated results was a list of proposed transportation improvement projects for Southeast Redmond. Redmond's Technical Committee Report, now available for review, recommends that the City's Buildout Transportation Plan (see A1. Buildout Transportation Plan included in Redmond's Transportation Master Plan) should be amended to include those projects proposed for the Southeast Redmond and Bear Creek neighborhoods. A list of those projects can be found in Attachment 1 of the Technical Committee Report.

The following information documents earlier work on the Greater Southeast Redmond Transportation Study.

The Greater Southeast Redmond Transportation Study examined existing issues, forecasting and accommodating predicted issues and trends. Some of the issues are:

  • traffic congestion in the Southeast Redmond neighborhood, particularly in the area where SR 520 terminates;
  • connecting pieces of non-motorized facilities into a network;
  • competing conflicts among different travel modes such as those between truck and general traffic;
  • noise complaints from residents adjacent to manufacturing zones;
  • concerns and needs of businesses regarding the movement of goods and services on the Redmond roadway network; and
  • environmentally-sensitive areas in the Southeast Redmond neighborhood.
The key expected outcome for the Greater Southeast Redmond Transportation Study is a preferred transportation plan for the Southeast Redmond neighborhood that:

  • identifies both short-term and long-term actions/strategies that lead to an integrated multi-modal transportation roadway network;
  • accommodates the mobility needs of all travel modes (pedestrians, bicyclists, transit, automobiles, and freight);
  • addresses existing traffic issues and predicted trends and issues;
  • reflects planned improvements in the near future;
  • identifies prioritized improvements and policy, regulation, and standard updates.
The following documents are available for review: