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Old Town Historic Core Plan Underway In 2014

Capturing Yesterday, Celebrating Today, Creating Tomorrow in Redmond's Historic Core

We want your perspective regarding Old Town's Historic Core in Redmond's Downtown. The Historic Core includes the area from the Justice White house at Leary Way and NE 76th to NE 80th Street and from the Stone House to 164th Avenue NE.

We need your ideas and perspective on several aspects of the Historic Core. To share and discuss ideas, please use our Ideascale campaign.  It will let you add your ideas, comment on staff's questions, and discuss other community ideas.  This online conversation closes on November 30, 2014.

Historic Core Online Conversation with IdeaScaleBy November 30th, Add Your
Ideas & Perspective Here
to the Online Ideascale Conversation

Then, during this winter, a final community event will be to debrief and confirm aspects for the Historic Core plan based on findings and feedback we received from the community and from property and business owners throughout the plan's development. Please stay tuned for additional event information very soon.

Capturing Yesterday, Celebrating Today, Creating Tomorrow - Planning In Redmond's Historic Core

The Old Town Historic Core Plan addresses the Core's long-term character, strategies for enhancing economic vitality, and a variety of ways for supporting business and property owners within the Historic Core.  Community input will inform development of an integrated plan approach in the context of other Downtown projects, such as Cleveland Streetscape and the Redmond Central Connector; streetscape standards; complementary design standards; guidance for art; and marketing and event planning in the Historic Core.

To learn more about this process and the Historic Core, contact:  Kimberly Dietz, 425-556-2415 with questions.

Old Town

Redmond Receives Award for Success in Historic Restoration at the 12th Annual John D. Spellman Awards


2012 Spellman AwardMayor Marchione, members of the Redmond Rotary, City officials, and staff accepted an award from King County Executive Dow Constantine on May 24, 2012 for restoration of the Anderson Park picnic shelter.  A grant from the Redmond Rotary and the City's Heritage Restoration and Preservation Grant program helped the restoration project take place. 

Anderson Picnic Shelter 2011 RestorationDetailed efforts in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards and Guidelines for Preservation, Rehabilitation, Restoration and Reconstruction Projects restored this structure using techniques that represent those of the shelter's original construction.  By matching wood type and ring-count and by using hand tools to work the wood, the contractor created an authentic representation of Redmond history while helping to support park visitors today and in the future.

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Adaptive Reuse in Old Town (Redmond's Downtown)


Continuing the National Preservation Month celebration, regional experts in historic preservation, adaptive reuse, and sustainable architecture presented to property owners of historic properties on May 14, 2011. 


Program Overview

The City of Redmond established a Historic Preservation program in 2000.
The program includes:

Nationally Recognized

In 2006, the City was nationally recognized as a Preserve America Community by then-First Lady, Laura Bush. The "Preserve America" initiative was a White House and now a National Parks Service program to encourage and support community efforts to preserve America's cultural and natural heritage. Preserve America initiatives include: a greater shared knowledge about the nation's past; strengthened regional identities and local pride; increased local participation for preservation of the country's cultural and natural heritage; and support for economic vitality of American communities.

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For more information on the program:

Contact: Kimberly Dietz - 425-556-2415