"Budgeting by Priorities" (BP)

Budget Process Overview

Budgeting by Priorities (BP) is about deploying the community's resources to address its priority issues. This is different from most government budgeting practices.  Instead of starting with the last year's budget, adding a factor for inflation and perhaps a few new initiatives, this budgeting process is a bottom-up approach.  Budgeting by Priorities directly involves citizens in a new way of thinking for Cities.  All the services the City provides are reconsidered each budget cycle through the prism of what services the citizens' value most.  The final budget "buys" only those services most valued by the citizens.

As a result, the City of Redmond budget is focused on community priorities and not its organizational structure.  While the vast majority of city budgets illustrate either by department or fund type, the Redmond budget is broken into the six community defined priorities, the strategies that support those priorities and the budget proposals (offers) to make progress on the strategies.


  • Align the budget with citizen priorities
  • Measure progress towards priorities
  • Get the best value for each tax dollar

Other jurisdictions have also used this process, including the State of Washington, Fort Collins Colorado, and Mesa County.

Redmond WA Budgeting by Priorities

The City will use its Budgeting by Priorities (BP) for the fourth time in its 2015/2016 budget.  While learning from each of the three previous efforts, the 2013/2014 process proved to be very successful, allowing the City to continue providing the highest priority services to the community.

Contact Information:
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Email: bpquestions@redmond.gov