Why Restore Tosh Creek?
The City is committed to fully restoring Tosh Creek to make it healthy for aquatic life, and a valuable natural asset for the people who live, work, and play in Redmond. Using a watershed approach (as documented in the 2013 Redmond Watershed Plan) to achieve healthy aquatic habitat has been a long-standing policy detailed in the City's Comprehensive Plan and is recognized by stormwater and surface water restoration practitioners as the recommended approach to accommodate healthy streams in an urbanized landscape.

The Tosh Creek Restoration Plan, completed in February 2015, identifies potential stormwater retrofit and in-stream projects that will improve the hydrology and water quality of the stream and also mitigate flood hazards. This watershed approach to stream restoration has broad support regionally.

Funding partners include:

  • Washington State Department of Ecology
  • King County Flood Control District
  • City of Redmond Stormwater Utility Ratepayers

Community Benefits

Completion of the projects identified by this plan will:
  • Reduce flooding in neighborhoods
  • Prevent erosion in Tosh Creek
  • Reconstruct stream channel segments to improve fish habitat
  • Remove invasive vegetation and re-plant bare portions of the stream buffer
  • Repair damaged stormwater pipes to avoid future flooding problems
Ultimately, the combined suite of projects proposed in the Tosh Creek Restoration Plan will restore the ecological health of the stream and bring back larger populations of Coho salmon, cutthroat trout, and other fish. This healthy stream will be a valuable asset for our community for generations to come!

Did you know salmon, trout, and lamprey have been recorded in Tosh Creek? Visit Tosh Creek Fish! to learn more about the fish found in Tosh Creek and the benefits of restoration work.

How to Stay Informed

Please visit this website for the most up-to-date information on the project. Additional materials and project information will be posted on the site as the project develops.

Please join the Tosh Creek mailing and notification list: Tosh Creek Mailing List


Tosh Creek Watershed Plan Program Manager: Steve Hitch, 425-556-2891
50th Way Flood Reduction Project Manager: Bassam Al-Ali, 425-556-2743
156th Flow Splitter Project Manager: Eric Dawson, 425-556-2867
Tosh Creek Project email: Tosh@redmond.gov