Vehicle Maintenance

Car & Equipment Maintenance

Oil and other petroleum products are toxic to people and the environment. Petroleum products that drip from our vehicles and yard equipment onto roads and driveways are washed by the rain into storm drains that infiltrate into groundwater or flow directly to Redmond’s lakes and rivers without treatment.

What can I do?

  1. Check for oil leaks regularly and fix them.
  2. Keep your car tuned up to reduce oil use.
  3. Use ground cloths or drip pans beneath your vehicle if you have leaks or are doing engine work.
  4. Clean up spills immediately (always soak up spills with absorbent materials, never wash it down the drain).
  5. Collect all used oil in containers with tight fitting lids.
  6. Never dispose of oil or other engine fluids into a storm drain, ditch, or ground surface.
  7. Recycle used motor oils at gas stations and auto supply stores.
  8. Redmond residents can recycle used motor oil at the curb.
Benefits: Making these changes will save you money by making fewer repairs and getting better gas mileage. You will also reduce your carbon footprint and protect Redmond’s water resources.