Bicycle Program

The Bicycle Program creates and implements plans, policies, and projects to support a safe and comfortable bicycling experience for all ages and abilities. A major focus is building the bicycle system plan (see the Transportation Master Plan). This program has been able to significant miles of bicycle facilities by leveraging grants, such as grants for the Redmond Central Connector Phase I and the Redmond Central Connector Phase II.

Bicycling is an important component of Redmond’s transportation master plan which calls for improving travel choices and mobility, increasing neighborhood connections, and supporting the urban centers. With its extensive (and expanding) paved trail and bicycle lane network Redmond is a leader in bicycling.

For more information on bicycling, please see the bicycling webpage.

Current Projects 

Redmond Central Connector Phase II

Redmond will extend the Central Connector trail, providing a low stress walking and bicycling route from the heart of Downtown to thousands of employees and residents to the north. The City has successfully leveraged the bicycle program and parks dollars to bring in approximately $5 million in grant awards to fund the project – thank you to our funding partners. Please visit the project page for more information.

Bicycle Strategic Plan

The Bicycle Strategic Plan will create a detailed strategy to deliver the vision of Redmond’s Bicycle System Plan “to encourage a significant increase in bicycle trips.” The Strategy will recommend bicycle revenue levels and projects in the medium term (approximately 8 years) to ensure Redmond has the bicycle system in place that it desires when light rail opens and as bikeshare is potentially implemented.

Prior to the creation of the Bicycle Strategic Plan, there will be an update to Redmond’s Bicycle Facilities Design Manual. The existing Manual was adopted in 2009 and successfully established standards such as the width of bicycle lanes in Redmond. Much has changed since 2009. The update will expand the toolbox of bicycle facilities available including facilities called for in the Bicycle System Plan such as cycle tracks and new intersection treatments.

For more information on the Bicycle Program, please contact Peter Dane, Planner, at or at 425-556-2816. 

152nd Avenue Shared Lane Markings

Bicycle marking improvements are coming to 152nd Avenue in the Grasslawn Neighborhood near Ben Rush Elementary. The City will be installing shared lane markings, also called “sharrows” soon in order to help highlight this roadway as a bicycle route and improve lane positioning for both bicycles and vehicles. This improvement is identified in the Transportation Master Plan and helps people on bicycles move between Grasslawn and Downtown via 152nd Avenue and the SR 520 Trail.