Site Investigation
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The site investigation revealed that there are two Category III wetlands present on this 5 acre site. Wetland A, along the stream and pond, is .90 acre in size, and a 75 foot wide wetland buffer is required. Wetland B, on the west side of the property, is .43 acre in size, and requires a 40 foot wide buffer. When this is mapped out, it leaves a relatively limited area which can be developed with park facilities.

Consultant Presentation
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Nakano Associates, landscape architects; ESA Adolfson, environmental planners; and Kristin Tollefson, artist; provided a PowerPoint presentation that illustrated: 

  1. The wetland issues 
  2. The wildlife habitat value of the site 
  3. The need to increase the interaction of children with nature

Citizen Input
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The first public meeting to present results of a site investigation, and get input from the neighborhood residents was held March 11, 2009. About 15 residents attended the meeting.
A second public meeting was held after the consultants developed design alternatives. The majority of residents who attended the meeting appreciated the environmental limitations of the site, and was supportive of working in a sensitive manner in the future development of the park. Citizens also voiced interest in having the City explore purchasing the 5 acre parcel to the east of the site.

Residents provided the following list of desired activities or features:
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  • Covered picnic area 
  • Climbing and walking rocks 
  • Splash park 
  • Rope structure 
  • Play structure friendly to the environment 
  • Amphitheatre/gathering place 
  • Water contact 
  • Swings 
  • Elements for discovery, surprise 
  • Natural rocks 
  • Walking paths 
  • Preservation and education about history of the place and nature 
  • Seating for quiet contemplation and observation 
  • Nature gathering spot 
  • Walking / exercise stations 
  • Wooden fort