Requests for Inspection

All Inspection Requests can now be made through our new Interactive Voice Response System or through the E-Track Portal. You can schedule an inspection with any City organization involved with Development Review. You may also cancel a Scheduled Inspection, obtain Inspection Resultscheck the status of projects that are currently in the Plan Review process, Permit Inspection History or check Zoning Status.

Requests must be made by midnight to be scheduled for inspection on the next business day. Scheduled Inspections may be cancelled until 4:00 am on the day of the scheduled Inspection.

All Permits and Approved Plans are required to be on-site or in the general contractor's site offices at the time of the inspection. The general contractor or permit holder is responsible for ensuring that all areas are inspected prior to concealment.

Areas of inspections need to be ready when the inspection is requested.

The general contractor needs to keep the Building Inspection Services staff aware of the construction schedule and the projected completion date. Please provide a copy of your schedule of critical path inspections and desired Certificate of Occupancy date. This information is critical and must be updated as necessary.

For general Inspection questions, you may call our Inspector of the Day at 425-444-2425. For general building questions, contact the Plans Examiner of the Day at 425-556-2493.

For Certificate of Occupancy questions, you may call our Permit Coordinator at 425-556-2410 or send an e-mail to

Use this link if you would like an Adobe version of the Pre-Construction Meeting Outline.

FAQs – Web Permits Schedulingline

What is the purpose of the City’s Web Permits application?
The purpose of the City’s Web Permits application, E-Track, is to provide contractors an alternate means of scheduling building inspections. This web-based system provides an alternative to the IVR phone system, and has the added ability to schedule multiple inspections in one transaction.

What is the difference between the Web Permits application, E-Track, and the phone system?
Both systems provide the ability to schedule inspections, hear inspection results, and get complete inspection history. E-Track allows you to schedule multiple inspections in one transaction. You must be a registered user with the E-Track portal in order to schedule or cancel inspections. E-Track provides the ability for you to print this out on your own printer. You do not need to be registered to use the phone inspection request line, but you do need the unique pin number associated with that permit.

What else can I do with E-Track besides schedule an inspection?
You can see a list of all currently scheduled inspections, display and print all inspection history, and retrieve general permit information (address, status, description of work, etc.) you are associated to which you are associated. Inspection results are available from this web site as soon as the inspector posts the information into the Permitting system. Please remember that you need to be a registered user. 

What if I don’t have my permit number or pin number?
You can locate your permit number by registering and logging into or searching on under the permits section by your address. Remember your address number and street name go in separate fields. You can also call 425-556-2473 and speak with a permit technician.


E-Track Portal Information

View latest details at

To view your active permits through the E-Track Portal, you must complete the following steps:

Step 1: 
Complete the CONTACT REGISTRATION FORM and submit to the Development Services Center.

Step 2: 
Visit and register yourself as a "New User."

For more information and/or questions, please contact a Permit Technician at 425-556-2473 or via email at