Pre-Review Entitlement Process


PREP review is an optional permit process for certain Land Use Entitlement Permits which requires applicants to work collaboratively, one-on-one, with review staff and Design Review Board (if required) to achieve a code-compliant submittal prior to permit application. For PREP, an application must already be code-compliant and in approvable form to be considered complete. The result is project approval (or recommendation of approval) at the first Technical Committee and Design Review Board meetings following formal application.
Applicants choosing to undergo PREP review must read and sign a Memorandum of Understanding committing to the turn around times and review procedures. 

NEW PREP Process begins October 6, 2014

To learn more, please read the updated PREP User Guide.                      (effective 10-06-14)

New Submittal Requirement Forms

New Submittal Requirement Forms (for permit types eligible for PREP) are still under development.  Listed below are the new forms available at this time.

PREP Kick Off Meeting Submittal Form

PREP Memorandum of Understanding
PREP Land Use Entitlement Submittal Requirements Checklist

Use the PREP Land Use Entitlement Submittal Requirements Checklist for the following permit types:
  • Alteration of Geologic Hazard Area
  • Conditional Use Permit
  • Essential Public Facility
  • Shoreline Permit, Shoreline Conditional Use & Shoreline Variance
  • Site Plan Entitlement
  • Temporary Use Permit - Long Term (greater than 6 months)
If your permit type is not listed above, please contact the Planner On Call at 425-556-2494 or via email at

How to Submit a PREP Application Using the New Process

Schedule an Intake Meeting: Appointments for PREP Intake Meetings are accepted every Monday and Tuesday.  Please contact the Planner On Call at 425-556-2494 or via email at to schedule your intake meeting.

Documents Detailing PREP Review

PREP Applicant User Guide (This guide is valid through October 3, 2014.  On October 6, our NEW PREP Process begins).
Comparison of PREP Review to Standard Review Process

What is Right for You --
Pre-Application Meeting or PREP Review?

You are a good candidate for PREP if you answer yes to the following questions.

Is your project PREP eligible?

Only those permit types subject to resubmittal fees may go through PREP.

Are you committed to obtaining approval of a specific proposal?

Have you completed due diligence, and have you determined physical and financial feasibility of the project?

Do you have a Development Team formed (civil engineer, arborist, architect, landscape architect, critical areas consultant, geotechnical engineer etc)?

Can you commit to a maximum 21-day turnaround in responding to City Review Team's identified issues?

A Technical Committee Pre-Application meeting is appropriate if you are simply exploring ways to develop the property or have a general idea of a proposed site plan, but have not yet identified "fatal flaws". This process is generally appropriate where your proposal is undefined or still at a conceptual stage and you are not yet ready to move forward with a specific proposal.

Is your proposal eligible for PREP review?line

In part, PREP review was created to reduce the need for the City to request additional information from the applicant. Fees are now assessed for applications that don't provide adequate information for approval. Therefore, only those permit types that have adopted resubmittal fees are eligible to participate in PREP review.

They are:
  • Binding Site Plan
  • Boundary Line Adjustment
  • Alteration of Geologic Hazard Area 
  • Conditional Use Permit
  • Master Planned Development
  • Essential Public Facility
  • Plat Alteration/Plat Vacation
  • Preliminary Plat
  • Right of Way Vacation
  • Shoreline Permit
  • Shoreline Conditional Use Permit
  • Shoreline Variance
  • Short Plat
  • Site Plan Entitlement
  • Temporary Use Permit - Long Term (greater than 6 months)

PREP Submittal Requirements

Submittal requirements for all Permit Types eligible for PREP are still under development. Below are the submittal requirements available at this time.

Please speak with a Planner if your permit type is not listed below. 

PREP Kick Off Meeting Submittal Form (valid thru 10-03-14)
PREP Memorandum of Understanding (valid thru 10-03-14)
PREP Site Plan Entitlement Submittal Requirements (valid thru 10-03-14)
PREP Preliminary Plat Submittal Requirements 
PREP Short Plat Submittal Requirements 

Electronic Plan Review is Here!

For more information on how to upload electronic documents through the E-Review Portal, please see the How to Navigate the E-Review Portal Handout.

They are presented as downloadable pdf (Adobe Acrobat) documents. In order to view or print the forms you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. (Obtain free Acrobat Reader)