Essential Public Facility

What is it?

An Essential Public Facility, as required by Washington State law, provides a process to site necessary public uses that may otherwise be difficult to site. A proposal may be reviewed as an essential public facility when:

  • The facility meets the definition of Essential Public Facility;
  • The facility is a type difficult to site because of one of the following:
    • The facility needs a type of site of which there are few sites;
    • The facility can locate only near another public facility;
    • The facility has or is generally perceived by the public to have significant adverse impacts that make it difficult to site;
    • The facility is of a type that has been difficult to site in the past;
    • There is need for the facility, and Redmond is in the facility service area.
Your project may require State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) review if the project is within or near critical areas (i.e. streams, wetlands, steep slopes, critical aquifer recharge area) or exceeds the SEPA categorical exemptions specified in RZC 21.70.

How Much Does it Cost?

Our review fee is a flat fee and is established within the Development Review Fee Schedule. An initial fee is required to be paid at the time of application submittal. Subsequent review fees may apply if additional review is required. Furthermore, this application type is eligible to be processed through the Pre-Entitlement Review Process (PREP). An initial kick off fee is required to be paid at the time of application submittal and a final submittal fee is required to be paid following application acceptance. All associated fees can be found on the Fee Schedule A-Z page within the fee schedule noted below.
Permit Fee index

How Long Does It Take?

How long it takes us to complete our review of your proposal depends on several factors, including the:
  • Complexity of your proposal;
  • Quality of your plans and project documentation;
  • Timely response to correction letters and requests for further information;
  • Public interest.   

Steps to Get Your Application Approved

1. Research
Find your property information. Research your site to help you plan your project.
Use our Property Viewer Interactive Map to find zoning and critical areas information.
Determine restrictions to your project. Research the Redmond Zoning Code to determine standards that will apply to your proposal.     
Attend a Pre-Application Conference. We offer pre-application conference to answer any project specific and process related questions. This one-hour meeting is held Thursdays. For more information see Pre-Application Conference Tip Sheet.
2. Start the Application Process
Apply for an application. Get an application number by submitting your application to the Development Services Center.  You will need to provide all information noted in the applicable submittal checklist.  

Essential Public Facility Submittal Requirements Checklist
PREP Essential Public Facility Submittal Requirements Checklist 
To learn more about PREP see the PREP User Guide
Request a Pre-Application Conference (optional). We recommend applying for a pre-application conference for this type of project. For more information see Pre-Application Conference Tip Sheet.
Prepare your plans and technical documents. Plans and technical document must be electronically and in accordance with the requirement specified within the submittal requirement checklist.

Tip Sheet - Design Review Board
Tip Sheet – State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) 
Tip Sheet – PREP User Guide
3. Submit Application
Schedule an intake appointment. Call 425-556-2494 to schedule an intake appointment at the Development Services Center. Application submittals are only accepted on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Pay fee. Application fees are due at application submittal.
Wait for public notice. We will issue a public notice for your project as required by RZC 21.76.080. You are responsible for installing a yellow public notice board.  Additionally, a large white public notice board is also required for the Public Hearing.  The City will work with you to determine when and where the signs need to be installed.  We’ll consider all public comments during the 21 day public comment period.
Yellow Public Notice Board Instructions
Large White Notice Board Instructions
Attend the public hearing. The Redmond’s Hearing Examiner will hold a public hearing on our essential public facility recommendation. The Hearing Examiner will also issue a recommendation to the City Council. The council will vote on your essential public facility application based on the information provided during the public hearing process.
Read our decision. We will publish our decision on your project on our Land Use Action Notice webpage. Additionally, the decision will be mailed to you and any parties of record.
Submit an appeal. If you or a member of the public disagrees with our decision, you may file an appeal with King County Superior Court.