Coordinated Civil Review Process

What is it?

Civil construction drawings are detailed engineering documents that are required for improvements to a particular site. Civil construction drawings are reviewed through the Coordinated Civil Review Process (CCR).

When is it required?

Civil Construction Drawing Review shall be required for all proposals that require construction or modification of streets, sidewalks, storm drainage, utilities, or any other surface or subsurface improvements that may be required.

RZC 21.76.020 Overview of the Development Process

How Much Does it Cost?

Our review fees are based on project type and are established within the Development Engineering Fee Schedule. An initial plan review fee is required to be paid at the intake submittal. Subsequent inspection fees apply at Site Permit submittal. 

Development Engineering Division Fees  or the Permit Fee Index

How Long Does It Take?

Review of final construction plans begins after Land Use approval conditions are issued. Each City review cycle is 28 days. If the plan set submitted is complete and addresses all conditions of approval, and any comments are addressed in a timely manner plans can typically be approved for construction in approximately 4 months. Time may be shorter for a very simple project, or longer if there are significant issues to be resolved, or delays in resubmittal of the plans or extensive review comments due to plan submittals that are incomplete or not in compliance with City codes and design requirements.

Steps to Get Your Application Approved

1. Site Plan Entitlement (SPE), Land Use Approval Letter
2. Start The Application Process - When you are ready to begin preparation of your civil drawings, submit a completed CCR-General Application to the Development Engineering Division. An engineer from the City's Development Engineering Division will be assigned as the City's Project Lead for coordinating your civil review across City departments to the end of construction Mylar approval. Once the application is processed you will be notified with the Civil Plan Case number (i.e. CIVPLAN-xxxx-xxxx) and your assigned Project Lead.

Applicant may contact the project lead, prior to submission, if there are any questions regarding submittal requirements.  The checklist covers a wide range of potential projects, not all checklist items may apply to your project. Also, your project may require items not included in this checklist
3. Submit Electronic Plans
The applicant must upload the plans and technical documents to the E-Track Portal Ten (10) Working Days before the scheduled Intake Meeting.

You will need to provide all information noted in the Coordinated Civil Review Intake Checklist at the kick-off meeting.

Prepare Your Electronic Plans and Technical Documents.
Plans and technical document must be electronic and in accordance with the requirements specified within the Coordinated Civil Review (CCR ) Intake Checklist.  
4. Pay Plan Review Fees (and peer review fees if applicable).
Paid prior to the City commencing the intake meeting. Please work with your Project Lead to determine your plan review fees.

Where do I find your engineering design requirements?

Transportation design standards are described in Appendix 2 of the Redmond Zoning Code. Water and Utility design standards are in Appendix 3. Stormwater design standards are in the Stormwater, Clearing and Grading Technical Notebook. In addition, City design details and specifications are in the City of Redmond Standard Specification and Details.

How do I request a design deviation?
Deviation requests are required for any proposed improvements that do not meet City standards. The request should be in writing and include the design standard, a description of the proposed deviation, and the reason the City should consider granting a deviation. The City’s Technical Committee (consisting of the Planning Director, Public Works Director, and others) makes the decision to grant a design deviation. Administrative Deviation Request


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