Administrative Engineering Deviation

What is it?

Approval of an Administrative Engineering Deviation is required for any design or construction alteration from City of Redmond standards.  Deviations from these standards may be granted upon evidence that such deviation is in the public interest and that requirements for safety, function, fire protection, transit needs, appearance, maintainability and long term maintenance costs based upon sound engineering and technical judgment are fully met and meet the intent of the standard.
An Administrative Engineering Deviation can only be approved for the following documents:
  • Standard Specifications and Details
  • Stormwater Technical Notebook
  • Redmond Zoning Code, Appendices 2, 3, and 7
  • Design Requirements for Water and Sewer System Extensions
  • Bicycle Facilities Design Manual
  • Illumination Design Manual
  • Roundabout Design Manual
  • Traffic Signal Design Manual

How Much Does it Cost?

The City does not charge a fee to review an Administrative Engineering Deviation application.  

How Long Does it Take?

The Development Engineering Manager shall notify the applicant of an Administrative Engineering Deviation decision by letter or email within fifteen (15) days of receiving the deviation application, except as follows:  
  • If additional information must be sought from the applicant, review and decision will be put on hold until information is received.
  • If the applicant fails to provide the requested information within thirty (30) days of the information being requested, the Development Engineer may cancel review of the deviation application.
  • In cases where the complete deviation application requires extensive review by Development Services, Fire or Public Works staff, the Development Engineer may, upon notifying the applicant prior to the expiration date of the ten-day review period, extend the review period for another ten days.  The total review time shall not exceed twenty-five (25) days.
  • Multiple deviation requests for the same project should be submitted concurrently, to the maximum extent possible. When multiple deviation requests are received for the same project, the review period may be extended for up to fifteen (15) additional business days for each deviation.

Application Process

Requests for a deviation must be made in writing, and shall include:
  • A description of the deviation requested.
  • The code citation of the standards from which the application proposes to deviate.
  • Must demonstrate how the standard can be met.
  • Provide alternatives to minimize the deviation.
  • A description of the proposed alternative along with supporting documentation.
  • Exhibit(s) of proposed design.
  • Documentation that may include, but not be limited to, a record of use by other agencies, or evidence of meeting criteria for quality such as AASHTO, ASTM, MUTCD, AWWA, HCM, NACTO, ITE.
  • Applications for location of utilities by an entity allowed under a franchise agreement must be prepared and submitted by that entity.  

Criteria for Granting Deviations

Requests must include clear written documentation explaining how the proposed deviation(s) address the following criteria:
  • The deviation produces a comparable or improved result, which is in the public interest.
  • The deviation meets requirements for safety, public health, function, fire protection, transit needs, appearance, maintainability, and any other criteria deemed relevant by the City.
  • The deviation provides substantially equivalent (or improved) environmental protection as would be provided if the standard requirements were met.
  • The deviation needs to reflect sound engineering practices.
  • The deviation needs to avoid damage to other properties in the vicinity of and downstream of the proposal.
  • Any deviation from the standards that does not meet the Fire Code will require concurrence by the City Fire Marshal.
  • As applicable for Overlake and Downtown RZC 21.76.070C Administrative Design Flexibility. 

Administrative Engineering Deviation Requests shall be addressed to:
Lisa Rigg, P.E.,
Development Engineering Manager
City of Redmond MS: 2SPL
15670 NE 85th Street
PO Box 97010
Redmond WA, 98073-9710 

Telephone: 425-556-2295

Procedures for requesting and approving Administrative Engineering Deviation Requests.
Administrative Engineering Deviation Procedure