Master Planned Development

What Is It?

The purpose of a Master Planned Development (MPD) is to allow for development to occur in phases and provide long-term guidance for a large area so that the continuity of the overall development is maintained. This can occur where coordination of public facilities is needed, to determine how best to develop an area, to integrate various uses, and/or to coordinate multiple ownerships into a unified development. The resulting approval will be in consideration of a high level, conceptual development plan for a large site. Subsequent entitlement reviews (Site Plan Entitlement, Conditional Use, Preliminary Plat, etc.) will include further analysis for code compliance and determine the location of all structures, utilities, roads and other site features in preparation of civil construction drawing review.  

How Much Does it Cost?

Our review fee is a flat fee and is established within the Development Review Fee Schedule. An initial fee is required to be paid at the time of application submittal. Subsequent review fees may apply if additional review is required.  Furthermore, this application type is eligible to be processed through the Pre-Entitlement Review Process (PREP).  An initial kick off fee is required to be paid at the time of application submittal and a final submittal fee is required to be paid following application acceptance.  All associated fees can be found on the Fee Schedule A-Z page within the fee schedule noted below.
Development Review Permit Fees or the Permit Fee index

How Long Does It Take?

The review process depends on several factors, including the:
  • Complexity of the proposal
  • Quality of plans and project documentation
  • Timely response to correction letters and requests for further information
1. Start the Application Process
Apply for an application. Get an application number by submitting your application to the Development Services Center.  You will need to provide all information noted in the applicable submittal checklist.
Master Planned Development Submittal Requirements Checklist
PREP Master Planned Development Submittal Requirements Checklist – This submittal requirements checklist is still under development. Contact the Planner On Call at 425-556-2494 or by email at to receive a submittal requirements checklist. To learn more about PREP see the PREP User Guide.
Request a Pre-Application Conference (optional). We recommend applying for a pre-application conference for this type of project. For more information see Pre-Application Conference Tip Sheet.
Prepare your plans and technical documents. Plans and technical documents must be electronic and in accordance with the requirements specified within the submittal checklist noted above.
Tip Sheet - SEPA
Tip Sheet - PREP User Guide
2. Submit Application
Schedule an intake appointment. Call 425-556-2494 to schedule an intake appointment at the Development Services Center. Application submittals are only accepted on Mondays and Tuesdays.