Rough Grading

What Is It?

A Rough Grading Permit is for clearing and grading that is tied to a project undergoing the Coordinated Civil Review process. The permit allows work to begin in advance of full Civil Plan Approval and usually covers only earthwork but may also include stormwater systems especially if they are part of the pollution prevention system. The Technical Committee determines whether or not rough grading will be permitted on a project. Prior to applying for a Rough Grading Permit, at a minimum the following shall have been processed and approved:
  • Site plan approval including conceptual utility layout
  • Completion of SEPA review for the entire project (if required)
  • Clearing, grading and temporary erosion control construction plans
  • Resolution of all project feasibility issues (i.e. required off-site easements, significant utility design issues, etc.)

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of a Rough Grading Permit includes review and inspection fees.  In addition, a site restoration assurance (bonding, cash deposits, etc., as specified by the Technical Committee) is required.  The amount is typically set at $10 per cubic yard of the proposed cut or fill.  

Development Engineering Division Fees or the Permit Fee index

How Long Does It take?

With a complete Rough Grade Permit submittal package generally takes 8-10 weeks to review and approve.  This may vary depending on City staff workload and the time for the applicant to address any needed revisions.

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