Side Sewer

What is it?

A side sewer is a pipe system that carries wastewater and/or drainage water from the plumbing and downspouts of your building to the public sewer system or outlet. This includes the pipe system up to, but not including, the connection to the public main. A side sewer includes all the piping located outside the building footprint. The entire side sewer is owned and maintained by the property owner. All the piping inside your building is considered plumbing and is regulated, permitted, and inspected by the City of Redmond building inspectors.

A Side Sewer Permit allows you to work on a side sewer, including new installations, alterations, repairs, pipe abandonment, relocations, and removals.

The Redmond Municipal Code requires that a contractor must be active on the City's Approved Side Sewer Contractor Roster.

Click the following link to see the list of active contractors: Active Side Sewer Contractor Roster.

When is connection required?
All connections to the City of Redmond sewer system require a side sewer application. Repairs, terminations, and modification work on existing sewer service lines also requires a side sewer permit.
Single-family, multifamily, commercial, or industrial structures in the City of Redmond located within 200 feet of a public sewer may be required to connect to the public sewer. Grease interceptors and oil/water separators that connect directly to the public sewer system also require a Side Sewer Permit.

What if I am on a Septic System?
There are still many parcels within the City that are currently serviced by septic tanks. If your site is currently serviced by a septic system and you need information on its location, etc., contact the King County Health Department at 206-296-4920.

If you have questions regarding installation of sanitary sewer for replacement of your septic system, please contact the City of Redmond Development Services Center at 425-556-2876.
How much does my permit cost?
The cost of an in-City Side Sewer Permit includes a general connection charge that is based on the number of units or water meter size and type of use, and an inspection fee. Side Sewer Repair permits pay the side sewer inspection fee.

Side Sewer Connection Fees can be found on the City's webpage Permit Fee Index
How long does It take to get a permit?
Side Sewer repair permits can be issued over the counter. New connections, terminations or modifications require up to one week for review depending on the scope of work. Emergency work is allowed without getting a permit in advance, but a permit and inspections must be obtained from the next business day.

What is the Term of Permit?
No permit issued shall be valid for a longer period than 90 days, unless extended or renewed prior to the expiration date. Failure to renew the permit prior to expiration shall pay a new permit fee.

How do I terminate or temporarily abandon my Side Sewer?
Termination permits for sewers are issued in conjunction with the Demolition Permits or after the Demolition Permit has been issued.
Side sewer terminations have to be capped by either;  

Temporary Cap – the side sewer stub is going to be reused. The temporary cap is usually at the property line. Utility billing will not stop and the base fees will continue to be charged. An additional inspection fee will be charged upon reconnecting the side sewer stub. The permit applicant/contractor shall verify that the existing sanitary sewer stub is in satisfactory condition for usage.

Final Cap – the side sewer stub is capped at the City mainline in the street with a permanent cap when the stub is not going to be re-used. Utility billing will stop.
Steps to Get Your Permit:
1. Start permit application
The Side Sewer Permit application is made through the Development Services Center located on the 2nd Floor of City Hall, 15670 NE 85th Street. Submit the application to the Development Engineering Division or email the application to

Fill out a Side Sewer Permit application and a King County Use Certification with complete information relevant to the property and use, including address, owner, billing information, side sewer contractor, installation requirements and property owner signature, and submit to the Development Services Center (DSC).

2. Submit application
Electronic applications can be emailed to,

or submitted to the City at:
Redmond City Hall
Development Engineering Division, MS:2SPL
15670 NE 85th Street
PO Box 97010
Redmond, WA 98073

3. Pay fees
You will need to pay all outstanding fees prior to issuance of your permit.
Pick up permit and as-built card.
You will be contacted when your permit is approved. You can pick up your permit and as-built card at the Development Services Center.
The permit and as-built card.
The as-built card must at all times during the performance of the work, and until the completion thereof and approval by the City Engineer, be posted in some conspicuous place at or near the worksite and must be readily and safely accessible to the City inspector.
4. Request an inspection.  See the E-Track Portal page to schedule an inspection online or call 425-556-2435 and use the PIN number on the permit to request an inspection.
Related permits.
You may need to get additional permits from the City of Redmond such as the following:

Coordinate with other agencies.
You may need permits or approvals from other agencies. The King County Department Public Health (Septic Tanks and Wells) is typically the most common agency that you will need to contact.
A sewage treatment capacity charge is a charge in addition to sewer service billed to those customers who connected to sanitary sewer on or after Feb. 1, 1990.
King County Sewage Treatment Capacity Charge
Permit Applications
Side Sewer Permit Application
Side Sewer Termination Permit Application
King Co Non-Residential Sewer Use Certification 
King Co Residential Sewer Use Certification 
King Co Alternative Housing Sewer Use Certification

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