Fire Code Installation

What is it?

You need a fire code installation permit when you install, store, use, conduct or operate the following systems or operations that require a construction permit by IFC 105.7 when you open a new business or change your business practices in a commercial building in the City of Redmond:

Battery systems; compressed Gases; cryogenic fluid tanks or systems; emergency responder radio systems; flammable/combustible liquids; hazardous materials; high-piled storage; HPM facilities; industrial ovens; LP (propane) gas storage/handling/use/dispensing; place of assembly; private fire hydrants; refrigerant equipment; solar photovoltaic systems; smoke control systems; spraying and dipping operations.

The fire code installation permit is valid for up to one year from the time of permit issuance.  After this permit has been inspected and approved, prior to expiration of the fire installation permit a Redmond Fire Department inspector will conduct a fire life safety inspection to ensure that you still comply with the original conditions of approval of the fire installation permit.

After the fire life safety inspection you will be invoiced for an annual fire code permit (fire life safety permit). After you pay the invoice a fire life safety permit will be issued for the uses and processes you were originally approved for under the fire code installation permit.  The Fire Department will conduct an annual fire life safety inspection and you will be invoiced and issued a fire life safety permit every year until the use or process is terminated.

How Much Does it Cost?

Fees are based on the type of fire code installation permit you are applying for as outlined in Table I of the Redmond Fire Department Fees. Half the permit fees are due at time of permit application. The balance is due upon permit issuance.

How Long Does It Take?

You can apply at the Development Services Center. Intake appointments are required when you are submitting any permit that requires plan review or issuance of three (3) or more permits over-the-counter.  Your application and plans will be reviewed for completeness by our Fire Prevention counter staff to determine if your project qualifies for an expedited review.  If so, your project will be reviewed and the permit issued within 3-5 business days.  Otherwise full plan review generally takes 2-4 weeks.

Steps to Get Your Permit

1. Complete the Fire Installation Permit Application  
Only one permit type is allowed per application.  Both a permit application and one of the following associated submittal checklist where applicable are required at time of permit application.
Battery System Submittal Checklist
Cryogenic Liquids Submittal Checklist
Emergency Responder Radio Submittal Checklist
Flammable/Combustible Liquids Submittal Checklist
Hazardous Materials Submittal Checklist (look for this update in November)
High Piled Combustible Storage Submittal Checklist and Questionnaire
Industrial Oven Submittal Checklist
LP (Propane) Gas Systems Submittal Checklist
Place of Assembly Submittal Checklist
Refrigeration Equipment Submittal Checklist
Solar Photo Voltaic System Submittal Checklist (look for this update in November)
Smoke Control System Submittal Checklist
Spray Finishing Submittal Checklist
2. Submit Application
To submit your application, visit the Development Services Center. Be sure to bring payment information as specified on the permit application form.
3. Permit Issuance
Pick up or print permit. You will be contacted when your plans are approved. You can pick up your permit and approved plans at the Development Service Center with a blank USB drive or log into the E-Track Portal where you can print your permit and approved plans.
4. Pay fees
You will need to pay all outstanding fees to pick up or print your permit.