Clearing & Grading Permit

What Is It?

A Clearing and Grading Permit is required for clearing, grading and/or stormwater management activities that exceed any of the following thresholds:  
  • Clearing of 7,000 square feet of land area or more
  • Earthwork of 50 cubic yards or more
  • Removal of 11 or more significant trees
  • Any clearing or grading within a critical area or buffer of a critical area
  • Any change in existing grade by four feet or more
  • Any work within a public easement, City-owned tract or City right-of-way
  • Add 2,000 square feet of impervious area or more
  • Any construction of drainage facilities to be owned by the City
  • Any construction of private storm pipes of 12-inch diameter or larger  
Projects are reviewed to ensure that they are providing adequate temporary erosion control and that the work that is proposed will not cause any adverse impacts to the site, buried utilities or neighboring properties.
A Clearing and Grading Permit is required to ensure that proposed work complies with City Codes and Standards, including stormwater design and management, and erosion control during and after construction.  

How much does it cost?

Project review and inspection fees vary depending on the scope of the proposed work. Projects are classified as single-family grading only, small-simple, small-complex, large-clearing/grading only and large-all other. To identify the project category please refer to Chapter 3 of the Stormwater, Clearing and Grading Technical Notebook. Projects that are classified as medium or large are considered large projects for the purpose of assessing fees.

Development Engineering Division Fees or the Permit Fee index

How Long Does it take?

A complete Clearing and Grading Permit submittal package generally takes 4-5 weeks to review and approve. This may vary depending on project complexity, City staff workload and time for the applicant to address any needed revisions.

Recommended Reading

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