City of Redmond Continues Innovation Recognition
June 24, 2014 Anne Marie Peacock

Redmond, WA - With both the Governor’s Smart Communities Award and the Puget Sound Regional Council (PRSC) award presented to the City of Redmond for its achievements in promoting smart growth planning and projects, the City continues to gain momentum toward its vision that contribute to enhanced quality of life in Redmond.

The 2013 Redmond Transportation Master Plan (TMP) was recognized by Governor Inslee with a Smart Vision Award, as an excellent example of how a community’s vision can be translated into action. The TMP is the document that guides Redmond’s transportation investments and activities over the next 18 years and builds on years of public outreach and planning development.

Central to Redmond’s vision is the development of two regional growth centers, Downtown and Overlake, into thriving, mixed use, pedestrian friendly places that will absorb most of the additional 23,000 residents and 40,000 jobs expected to arrive by 2030. The TMP identifies transportation investments to provide strong support for both urban centers while creating connections in neighborhoods. As a key planning tool, the TMP identifies the resources and strategies needed to accommodate that growth.

“The City’s transportation plan ensures that all growth-related transportation investments contribute to bicycle, pedestrian, light rail infrastructure and transit service. These efforts involve staff from multiple City departments and I’m pleased their hard work has been recognized,” states John Marchione, Mayor.

Citizens can now access a more user friendly version of the TMP online that also filters data sets. Guests can create their own charts and graphs to visualize the data in a format they want via several categories such as: by dollar amount or projects completed or in progress. Explore the Transportation Master Plan at

In addition to the TMP, the Redmond Central Connector (RCC) project has been honored with both a Governor Smart Choices Award and a PRSC VISION 2040 Award. The RCC was highlighted as a project that not only provides significant integration of land use and transportation planning but also for promoting a livable community.

“The Redmond Central Connector is an integral part of the City’s ongoing investment in the livability of Downtown,” states Mayor Marchione. “This project is the impetus for current and future high quality private investments that will continue to draw people to Redmond.”

Sponsored by the City of Redmond in partnership with King County, Sound Transit, and The Berger Partnership, the first phase of the Redmond Central Connector is completed and has already improved cycling, walking, and pedestrian access in and around the heart of Downtown.

The City is in the planning stages for the second phase of the Connector, which will extend the trail from the east side of the Sammamish River to the 9900 Block of Willows Road. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2015.A vital part of a multi-model transportation corridor which will link downtown Redmond with the wider region, the RCC will serve an estimated 6,000 new residents and 4,000 new employees by 2020. Integrated art, lighting, and landscaping along urban plazas provide opportunities for community gathering and events along the first mile of paved trail, which also knits together over 60 miles of the East Lake Sammamish and Sammamish River Trails. The trail, park and arts, and cultural improvements will cover more than 12 acres.

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