Water Quality Report Now Available
June 30, 2014 Anne Marie Peacock

Redmond, WA -  Did you know there is no detectable lead or copper in any of the sources of Redmond’s drinking water? The City of Redmond has a hybrid water system. You may drink water from the Cascade Mountains or well water from an aquifer, depending on where you live.
Safe public drinking water is something we all expect and deserve. In Redmond our sources of supply continue to be pure and plentiful, but they are also vulnerable to contamination and depletion. Our Wellhead Protection Program and the Source Improvement Project, as well as facility and security upgrades, are examples of our commitment to preserving the quality and quantity of this precious resource.

“The Cascade Water Alliance has worked for 15 years to provide the eastside with safe, clean drinking water. This strong regional partnership with Cascade Water ensures we have water for over 50 years,” states John Marchione, Mayor of Redmond and Chair of the Cascade Water Alliance. He adds, “Together, we provide outreach to residents including…”
  • Bringing the Cascade Conservation Road Show to Derby Days and Sustain-Fest.
  • Bringing the Savvy Gardener Program to residents to teach gardeners how to have beautiful landscapes without excessive water or chemicals.
  • Providing thousands of conservation items to residents, businesses, apartment complexes and home owner associations.
  • Providing irrigation efficiency training to businesses and other organizations to help them become better water managers.
  • Developing presentations on rainwater harvesting and drip irrigation for classroom education programs.
  • Participating in developing Washington State’s new ecoPRO Sustainable Landscaper Certification Program.
For information about water conservation programs, and to learn more about Redmond’s drinking water downloadn the water quality report.