City of Redmond Publishes Its Annual Community Indicators Report
May 27, 2014 Anne Marie Peacock

Redmond, WA -
 The City of Redmond has released its ninth annual Community Indicators report describing Redmond’s progress toward achieving its community vision. Both the Community Indicators and the City’s Budgeting by Priorities (BP) Dashboard Measures are tools used for assessing progress toward achieving community goals. The Community Indicators are oriented toward Redmond’s Comprehensive Plan, which contains the long-term vision for the community. BP Dashboard Measures are oriented toward the City’s biennial budget and are organized around six community priorities. There is significant overlap in the two sets of measures and so the City publishes them together. To view the Community Indicators report visit:

Redmond community members consistently report they value safety and resource conservation. The amount of waste generated by the typical household dropped six percent to its lowest level since the City started community indicator tracking in 2005. Fire and emergency medical response times have both improved. More information related to Redmond’s natural environment, police, fire, and transportation topics can be found inside this year’s report.

“Tracking economic, environmental, social, and civic data is important for measuring our long-term community health,” states Mayor Marchione. “The report is designed to provide relevant benchmarks that are useful for making well-informed decisions on issues and projects throughout Redmond.”

The following categories are highlighted in the Community Indicators report:

1. Conserve/Clean and Green: conserve agricultural lands and rural areas, protect and enhance the quality of the natural environment, and sustain Redmond’s natural resources as the City continues to accommodate growth and development.

2. Character/Safety: retain and enhance Redmond’s distinctive character and high quality of life, including an abundance of parks, open space, good schools, and recreational facilities.

3. Choices: emphasize choices in housing, transportation, stores, and services.

4. Centers: support vibrant concentrations of retail, office, service, residential, and recreational activity in Downtown and Overlake.

5. Commerce/Vibrant Economy: maintain a strong and diverse economy, and provide a business climate that retains and attracts locally owned companies as well as internationally recognized corporations.

6. Culture: promote a variety of community gathering places and diverse cultural opportunities.

7. Connections/Infrastructure: provide convenient, safe, and environmentally friendly transportation connection within Redmond and between Redmond and other communities for people and goods.

8. Diverse & Connected Community: cultivate a well-connected community, working together and with others in the region to implement a common vision for Redmond’s sustainable future.

9. Responsible Government: A city government that is responsible and responsive to its residents and businesses.

Throughout the year the City will be highlighting different elements of the Community Indicators. For information, comments or questions, contact Jeff Churchill at 425-556-2492 or