Pedestrian Program

The Pedestrian Program creates and implements plans, policies, and projects to make a successful pedestrian system. This program funds high-priority sidewalks and shared-use paths to improve pedestrian safety and comfort. Projects leverage grants to maximize pedestrian system completion for each dollar spent by Redmond.

The City typically bundles a group of locations into one construction project. Upcoming projects from this program are listed below.


Projects Completed in 2016

Page Last Updated: 01/11/17

NE 88th St -
Between 166th Ave NE & NE 171st Ave NE

Sidewalk was installed along NE 88th Street between 166th Avenue NE and NE 171st Avenue NE to fill in missing segments. The new sidewalk is six feet wide and made of permeable concrete.  

Redmond Way -
Between 142nd Ave NE & 148th Ave NE

On the north side of Redmond Way, 1,900 feet of permeable concrete sidewalk was added. The width is generally six feet, but narrows to five feet in spot locations to avoid existing utility poles. This project will be funded in part by a Washington State Department Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) grant.

NE 68th St -
West of 184th Ct NE

A six-foot wide permeable concrete sidewalk was constructed on the north side of NE 68th Street, west of 184th Court NE, to fill in a gap of about 400 feet.

NE 116th St -
At 162nd Ave NE

200 feet of permeable concrete sidewalk was constructed to fill a gap in the existing sidewalk.

NE 29th St -
At 178th, 179th, and 180th Aves NE

ADA upgrades to the sidewalks were installed at these corners.

Projects in Design

134th Ave NE -
Between NE 75th St & NE 80th St

This project will design and construct a six-foot wide permeable concrete sidewalk on the east side of 134th Ave NE. The design will address utilities, evaluate existing landscaping, and effectively utilize existing curb and gutter when applicable.

For this project, the City has applied for Safe Routes to School grant funding. If awarded grant funds, this segment may be bid as a separate project. Currently, this project is only funded for design. Construction will occur if funding is acquired.