Alarm Protocol

Commercial/Residential Burglary Alarm Information

Effective April 15, 2016

General Procedures:

  • RPD Emergency communications personnel answer and process burglary alarm calls from various alarm monitoring companies, resident monitored alarms (self-monitored alarms) and other sources that provide services within the City of Redmond.
  • Residents and businesses in Redmond do not need to register their alarms with us.
  • In the past, the number of previous false alarms at a location was considered before an officer was dispatched, but is no longer considered.
  • All burglar alarms will require verification prior to dispatching Redmond Police Officers.
  • Verification is not required for robbery, duress or panic alarms.

Alarm Verification 

Once the alarm is activated, if the alarm company, resident, or eye- witness has additional information to support a crime is in-progress or has recently occurred, officers will be dispatched. Additional information could include sound or video of an unauthorized person inside or near the property, progression of alarm activations throughout the property, etc.

​Alarm Companies Should:

  • Contact Redmond Police Communications by calling 425-556-2500.
    • Upon alarm activation, place a call into the premises or notify an emergency contact. This notification can occur before or after dispatch. The purpose of notification is to determine if someone is in the residence or if an emergency contact is enroute to the location.
    • Be prepared to provide the following information to the RPD dispatcher upon activation:

    • Address and Business or Resident Name
    • Alarm company name and telephone number                
    • Alarm type, location, and time of activation and other relevant information pertaining to the activation
    • Disposition on Alarm Company contact of the emergency contact or resident
    • Telephone number to the premises location
    • Emergency Contact name, phone number, and vehicle description if the alarm company states an emergency contact is enroute to the location

    Questions regarding the Redmond Police Department’s burglary alarm response protocols may be directed to Communications at 425-556-2500 or email: